Aqua Partners: Coming June 22nd

Aqua Partners: Coming June 22nd

Even with the new album starting soon (Monopoly Games), the exciting events don't stop there. It's been over a month since the last Partner event, so we're ready for the next one.

Coming June 22nd - Aqua Partners! Remember, all details, including the launch date and prizes, are subject to change at any time.

For those new to the game, Partner Events are exclusive to players who have advanced to Board 5 or higher. These events encourage collaborative play, where participants work together to build attractions and earn amazing rewards. You'll use Event tokens (like macarons during past Baking Events) to spin a special wheel, progressing a shared goal. These tokens, which you collect through regular gameplay, are essential for your active involvement.

As with the previous events, this event will require 80,000 points per partner slot. Let's dive into the tiers.

Each of these are the prize tiers within each partner slot, totaling 80,000 per partner.

Not much has changed over the last event, but it'll still be a great opportunity to have fun and earn some dice! But what everyone has been waiting for: the Grand Prize!

5,000 Rolls, 5 Star Sticker Pack, and the Puffer Fish token

With it being the beginning of a new album, the prize is contains only a 5 Star Sticker pack rather than a Wild Sticker. It also contains 5,000 dice rolls, and the brand-new Puffer Fish token! Pretty exciting!

Good luck, start saving those dice!


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