Insider Update: iOS Compatibility Now Previewing

We're elated to share big news for the Monopoly GO! Wiki community! If you've been eager to link your Monopoly GO! account with the Monopoly GO! Wiki but lack a desktop, or if you've considered becoming an Insider for access to exclusive tools but face the same issue, we have a solution. Our iOS extension is now available for beta testing via Apple's TestFlight program.

For those unfamiliar, TestFlight is Apple's platform for app distribution during the testing phase, offering a secure and straightforward way to experience apps before their official App Store release.

Joining our beta is easy: simply sign up here and follow the instructions to install the MOGO Wiki Connector app and Safari extension. This significant step expands our reach and helps grow our Sticker Finder community.

@monopolygo_wiki Learn how to use our iOS extension to connect your Monopoly GO! account to your Insider Wiki account!

What is an Insider?

As an Insider, you're not just a supporter; you're a cornerstone in the growth and development of our website and tools. To show our gratitude for your invaluable support, we provide an array of exclusive benefits. Enjoy the advantage of early access to upcoming content (as available), receive daily summaries of the day's happenings straight to your inbox, get notified immediately for new reward links, and gain special access to our coveted Shield Finder and Sticker Finder tools.

Shield Finder: Enhance your Monopoly GO! gameplay with our Shield Finder tool. This feature allows you to check the shield status of both friends and enemies, helping you make strategic decisions about who to attack. With Shield Finder, you can confidently strategize your moves, saying goodbye to the guesswork of your next attack.

Sticker Finder: Streamline your sticker trading with Sticker Finder. This tool connects you with other players for efficient sticker exchanges. Whether you're seeking specific stickers or looking to trade your own, Sticker Finder makes it simple, lessening the need to navigate through Facebook groups or Discord servers. Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated trading community right at your fingertips, and become part of the thousands of successful trades happening daily.

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Calling all creators and enthusiastic Insiders! We're excited to launch a new affiliate program for Insiders! This program allows Insiders to refer new members and earn rewards. As this is a pilot initiative, we're currently limiting the number of sign-ups. Don't miss out—explore the program and sign up if it interests you. Apply here.


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