Gardening Partners: Coming January 8th

Gardening Partners: Coming January 8th

There's a buzz around the next Partner Event, and it's time to unveil the details. Mark your calendars for January 8th, as 'Gardening Partners' makes its way to your devices. Let’s dive into the key aspects of this upcoming event.

But before we proceed, a gentle reminder: details of future events are always tentative and may be subject to adjustments right up until launch day.


In this event, you and your friends will have 4 slots to collaborate on. The goal? Accumulate a total of 80,000 points in each slot to snag the coveted grand prize. To give you a clearer picture, we'll outline the points needed for each level and the rewards that come with them.

For each slot, this is how many points will earn you which rewards
Grand Prize

Continuing with their tradition, successfully filling all 4 partner slots will bring you an impressive Grand Prize. As usual, you'll be delighted with an abundance of dice - a whopping 5,000! Plus, you'll get your hands on an exclusive 5-star Sticker Pack, a charming new emoji, and an furry new token known as 'Garden Cat'. It's a bundle of rewards that's sure to enhance your gaming experience!

Good luck and happy gardening!


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