Coming Soon: Sunset Treasures (again)

Coming Soon: Sunset Treasures (again)

Exciting News for Monopoly GO! Fans: We're revisiting the popular Sunset Treasures dig event starting tomorrow, July 4th, just in time for Independence Day! This update brings some thrilling changes and rewards.

Sunset Treasures Event Overview

This time around, Sunset Treasures will feature 20 levels, a reduction from the previous 25 levels in the dig mini-game. Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect from each level's rewards.

Grand Prize Details

As we continue to kick off the Monopoly Games sticker album, the grand prize doesn't contain a Wild Sticker, unfortunately. The final reward now includes only a 5-Star Sticker Pack, 2,500 dice rolls, and plenty of in-game cash. This prize is sure to help you advance in the game and enjoy even more fun.

Unlock Exclusive Tokens and Shields

Throughout the event levels, players will have the opportunity to unlock the exclusive Pharaoh Scottie token and the Scarab Sentinel shield. These unique items are a must-have for any dedicated Monopoly GO! player.

Get Ready for the Event

Make sure you’re prepared for the return of Sunset Treasures tomorrow! This exciting update is packed with opportunities to earn fantastic rewards and celebrate Independence Day in style.

Good luck, and happy treasure hunting!


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