Heartfelt Holidays Giveaway #4 Winners

Heartfelt Holidays Giveaway #4 Winners

Celebrating the conclusion of yet another holiday giveaway! We trust you're relishing these events as much as we are.

In this latest edition, we achieved a remarkable milestone with an overwhelming participation of over 3,000 participants. As we plan for future giveaways of such magnitude, rest assured, we're gearing up to acquire an even more extensive collection of stickers to share with our eager and dedicated community. Stay tuned for more thrilling giveaways and opportunities to snag some exciting prizes!

For now, this time around the winners of the random drawing are:

  1. Kendra - Scottie's Fort
  2. Dyvulge - Farewell
  3. Nathan C. - Binge-watching

The winners have all received an email with instructions to claim their prizes.

We thoroughly enjoy organizing these giveaways to assist our members and Insiders in completing their albums, and we're eager to continue the tradition. Which cards are you on the hunt for? Stay tuned for another giveaway.


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