Insider Update: Introducing Insiders Community

These past few weeks have been bustling with activity as we've meticulously refined our newest offering: the Insiders Community. Crafted from scratch, this innovative forum-like space is designed to elevate your communication experience. Whether it's casual conversations, sticker exchanges (sans account connection), participating in community giveaways, or lending a helping hand, this platform caters to every Insider—account linked or not.

Exciting Enhancements and Integrations

We're also thrilled to announce significant upgrades across our tools. A notable advancement is the integration of Shield Finder into our official web app suite, streamlining your access to all tools in one convenient location. Plus, we've implemented several under-the-hood enhancements to boost performance, ensuring a smoother, faster user experience.

In our commitment to fostering deeper connections within our community, we've activated profiles and messaging features for all Insiders. This exciting update allows you to interact more dynamically within the Insiders Community, creating a richer, more connected environment.

Spotlight on Sticker Finder

For those who might be new to this, allow us to reintroduce Sticker Finder, a pivotal tool designed to connect players in search of mutual sticker exchanges. By matching you with players holding the stickers you need (and vice versa), it paves the way for potential trades, whether for stickers or stars. As you engage with this tool, remember to exercise caution and common sense in your interactions. Impressively, the Making Music album has already seen approximately 25,000 Sticker Finder requests! Let's maintain this momentum as we progress through the current album until June 20th.

Looking Forward

As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, your feedback remains a cornerstone of our development process. The enhancements and new features we've introduced are just the beginning. We look forward to growing together, strengthening our community, and exploring new horizons.

Thank you, Insiders, for being an integral part of this journey. Here's to more innovations, connections, and shared successes in the days ahead!


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