Sticker Finder and Connect Account Updates

Exciting news - we've just rolled out the latest version of Sticker Finder for Insiders! This update includes several smaller enhancements that many of you have been asking for. Our goal is to continually evolve the tool to meet your needs and expectations.

Let's kick things off with a glance at the impressive statistics from the previous album, "Heartfelt Holidays." It's an exciting journey to reflect on!

We experienced a bustling activity with approximately 10,000 Sticker Finder requests during this period. It's fascinating to note that nearly half of these requests were successfully fulfilled. The remaining requests were either turned down, expired, or canceled. This implies that Sticker Finder was instrumental in facilitating nearly 5,000 potential sticker trades, contributing significantly to the completion of albums.

Moving on to the current album, "Monopoly Origins," the momentum is strong! In less than a week since its launch, we've already seen nearly 8,000 requests come through. This is an incredible start, and we encourage you to keep this enthusiasm going!

Here's what's new:

  1. Clearer Album Identification: On the Sticker Finder homepage, prestige albums are now clearly marked. This should help eliminate any confusion when encountering a new album. While our long-term plan includes hiding these albums based on your progress, they are currently just labeled for easier identification.
  2. Inbox Management: You now have the ability to remove requests from your inbox - both those you've sent and received. This feature, highly requested by our community, aims to tidy up your inbox after handling requests. Note that removing a request doesn't alter its status. Make sure to respond to it if needed, as once removed, it won't be visible to you. To completely cancel a pending sent request for both parties, you can use the cancel option.
  3. Improved Request Layout: We've revamped how requests are displayed to clarify the information presented. Each request now has distinct sections for the offer and the request itself. Additionally, when a user accepts your request, not only will you see the 'Add Friend' button, but also their invite link. This is handy if you can't use the button directly.
  4. Notification Updates: When you connect your account for the first time, email notifications for Sticker Finder are now on by default. This ensures that new users are promptly informed about incoming requests and updates, addressing feedback that some were not aware of the option to enable these notifications. Remember, you have full control over this feature and can change this setting at any time to suit your preferences.

Your feedback is vital to us. Keep it coming, and let's continue improving Sticker Finder together!

Connect Account Updates

While we're waiting for the mobile integration to be reviewed and approved, we've introduced an alternative method for account connection for our Insiders. This is an advanced option and might not be suitable for everyone. If you're comfortable with trying it out, you can find the instructions on our newly updated 'Connect Account' page. Simply navigate there and scroll down until you see the alert containing "Advanced Instructions."

Safety Reminder

We want to emphasize a crucial safety reminder for not only our community, but the Monopoly GO! community as a whole. Be extremely cautious if you encounter offers for free dice or stickers in exchange for clicking on links, filling out surveys, or providing contact or payment information. These offers are likely fraudulent and pose a significant risk.

Your security is paramount. If you come across any such suspicious links or offers in the comments on our website, please do not hesitate to report them to us. By staying vigilant and reporting these instances, you help us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone in the entire Monopoly GO! community.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates.


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