Martian Treasures: Coming June 6th

Martian Treasures: Coming June 6th

Looks like it's time for another exciting dig event! Monopoly GO! is mixing things up with a change in their usual schedule, but we're not complaining – more events mean more chances to earn extra rolls and discover new commodities!

Now, what everyone's waiting for: a preview of the levels and their anticipated rewards. Brace yourself, because this time there's a whopping 25 levels, a significant jump from the 16 in the previous event and the standard 20 from before!

The Wild Sticker remains a coveted prize, along with an increased bounty of 3,000 dice (up from 2,000 in the last event) and a substantial cash reward. With 25 levels to conquer, the extra dice come as a welcome reward.

Martian Runes & Peg-E Rover

Additionally, throughout the digging levels, keep an eye out for two new items: the Peg-E Rover token and the Martian Runes shield.

Prepare your shovels – it’s almost time to start digging!


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