Monopoly Origins Giveaway: Room to Rent & Award Winner

The stickers "Room to Rent" and "Award Winner" are currently in high demand, as evidenced by the more than 3,000 requests for Room to Rent and over 2,000 for Award Winner on Sticker Finder, many of which have been met. In response to this enthusiastic interest, we have managed to acquire several copies (3 of each) of these stickers to offer them to our community!

Entry Instructions

To participate in the giveaway, make sure you are logged into your Wiki account. This is open to both members and Insiders. Below, you will find the giveaway form where you can choose the sticker you wish to enter for. Entries from members count as one entry, while those from Insiders are valued at four times that.

The giveaway concludes on January 21st at 3:00 PM, at which time winners will be chosen at random. Winners will then be notified via email with further details. Best of luck!


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