New Insider Tool: Sticker Finder (Beta)

We're thrilled to introduce the initial version of our brand-new tool, Sticker Finder! Please keep in mind that this tool is still in its testing phase, so anticipate some bugs as we work on improving it. As of right now, this tool is available exclusively to Insiders.

Sticker Finder is a handy tool that allows you to search for potential trades with users who have the stickers you're looking for. It not only displays users who have the stickers you need but also those who are looking for stickers you have, promoting balanced trades. Additionally, it may connect you with users who might not necessarily need your stickers but are open to trading nonetheless.

It's important to note that Sticker Finder doesn't directly modify your inventory or execute trades. Instead, it acts as a facilitator, connecting players so they can arrange their own trades. Once you send a trade request to a player who has a sticker you need, that player can choose to either accept or reject the request. If they accept, you'll see a button appear in Sticker Finder > Sent Requests that allows you to add them in the mobile app and kickstart the trade. Don't forget to make use of the new Safe Trade option recently introduced in Monopoly GO!

Give it a try! Keep in mind that, due to the limited release, the community may still be relatively small as more people join. We welcome your feedback as we continue to develop this exciting tool.

Just a reminder: You'll need to connect your Monopoly GO! account before using this tool.

Sticker Finder launches its first beta today

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