New Insider Tool: Shield Finder

Explore the power of Shield Finder, an exclusive tool crafted for our Insiders! Wondering if opponents have shields up or aiming for those crucial tournament points? Shield Finder is here to assist.

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To access this tool, our Insiders will securely connect their Monopoly GO! account to our website – details can be found on this page. The tool fetches data from your friends and revenge lists, revealing the shield count for each contact.

To celebrate this launch, we're allowing members to receive a 1 day trial of being an Insider to try our the new tool as well as other Insider perks. Check it out!

This marks the initial release of tools we're rolling out exclusively for our insiders. Share your feedback and suggest ideas for future tools – your support fuels our innovations!

Keep in mind that this is a test of our new tool, and it may undergo changes and enhancements over time. Expect occasional downtime as we work on refining our system for an improved user experience.


Connecting your account:

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