Next Golden Blitz: November 28th, 2023

Next Golden Blitz: November 28th, 2023
Next Golden Blitz set to arrive tomorrow

Join the excitement of Golden Blitz, a semi-regular in-game event offering players the opportunity to trade exclusive gold cards not typically available for trade. Although these events don't occur frequently, they have become more frequent in recent days.

Golden Blitz aims to assist players in completing various sticker sets within the Epic Myths album, with the goal of achieving completion before the release of Heartfelt Holiday on December 1st. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity!

Prepare for the upcoming Golden Blitz event arriving on your devices tomorrow! Don't miss out on what could be the final Golden Blitz of the Epic Myths album.

Rock On & Mount Uluru

The two cards being featured in this event will be Rock On (Paul Bunyan) and Mount Uluru (Alinga).

Good luck tomorrow!


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