Next Golden Blitz: Photo Op and Sweet Success

We've just uncovered the next Golden Blitz, scheduled for March 6th*! This unique event will showcase two stickers: Photo Op and Sweet Success. Now's the time to start looking for your trading partners!

In case you're new here, the Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO! allows players to trade two specific golden stickers up to five times daily. Golden stickers are usually not tradable, except during these events if they're the specific stickers chosen for this event.

Photo Op and Sweet Success

For our Insiders who've linked their Monopoly GO! accounts, we're experimenting with something different! We've added these two stickers to Sticker Finder to help you discover potential trading matches with others who possess these stickers. You can find these sought-after stickers right on your Sticker Finder home page (if you're missing them), or by clicking these links: Photo Op, Sweet Success. Our aim is to continually enhance Sticker Finder and the benefits for our Insiders.

*Remember, as always, upcoming information is subject to change, and as we've all seen before, it does happen from time to time.

Happy trading!


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