Robo Partners: Coming May 16th

Robo Partners: Coming May 16th

Gear up for the next thrilling partner event in Monopoly GO!—Robo Partners is coming your way!

As always, we strive to keep you informed while fine-tuning the event details up until the launch day. Your patience and flexibility make this possible, so thank you!

For those new to the game, Partner Events are exclusive to players who have advanced to Board 5 or higher. These events encourage collaborative play, where participants work together to build attractions and earn amazing rewards. You'll use Event tokens (like macarons during past Baking Events) to spin a special wheel, progressing a shared goal. These tokens, which you collect through regular gameplay, are essential for your active involvement.

The Robo Partners event continues with the established format, requiring 80,000 points per partner slot to progress. As always, reaching these points will not only move you up the ranks but also bring you the same fantastic rewards.

Each of these tiers adds up to 80,000 points total per partner slot.

And now, the highlight: the grand prize! Complete all four slots to unlock the exclusive Robo Penguin token. Additionally, you'll receive a whopping 5,000 dice rolls and a Wild Sticker—a truly grand reward indeed.

5,000 Rolls, Wild Sticker, and the Robo Penguin token

So, start coordinating with your potential partners today, and best of luck in your robotic quest for victory!

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