Get Ready for Monopoly Origins!

Get Ready for Monopoly Origins!

Heartfelt Holidays is nearing its conclusion, and we're gearing up for the launch of Monopoly Origins. Insiders can find those last minute stickers with Sticker Finder!

Remember: As always, upcoming content is subject to change up until the official release.
Album Overview

Set to commence on January 4th, 2024, at 2 PM EST, "Monopoly Origins" will be active until March 28th, 2024. This exciting album features a remarkable collection of 26 sticker packs (preview the individual stickers here!), including 5 prestige sets.

Overview of Monopoly Origins
Completion Rewards

In each Monopoly GO! album, players are offered substantial rewards for completing their collections. In this upcoming album, successful completion brings a massive prize of 15,000 dice, a cash bonus, and the unique 'Free Parking Car' token.

Free Parking Car Token

Moreover, if you manage to complete the album for a second time, the stakes are even higher. You'll receive 20,000 dice, a cash reward, and the exclusive 'Golden Free Parking Car' token. For the exceptionally dedicated players who complete it a third time, an impressive reward of 30,000 dice and cash awaits.

Prestige Golden Free Parking Car Token
Set Completion Rewards

Like previous albums, certain sets within the albums occasionally offer extra rewards. Let's explore which sets in this album provide more than just the usual cash and dice bonuses.

Finishing set #7 (Card Quest) rewards you with 325 dice, cash, and the Water Works shield!
Finishing set #13 (Free Parking) grants you 800 dice, cash, and this new Fancy Duck token.
Rollover Rewards

A frequently asked question concerns the fate of stars at the end of an album: "What happens to our stars at the end of the album?".

Usually, as one album wraps up and another commences, players are awarded the highest vault they can unlock with their accumulated stars. Remaining stars beyond this are not carried over. To make the most of any surplus stars, it's advisable to utilize them before the album closes. As of now, there hasn't been any indication of a change in this procedure for the upcoming album transition, so it's safe to assume the same process will apply.

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That sums up everything we know so far about the upcoming Monopoly Origins album! Prepare yourselves, and we look forward to seeing you at the launch tomorrow.

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