Wrapping Up the Easter Egg Hunt

We're incredibly grateful to everyone who joined us for our inaugural Easter Egg Hunt. This event encountered some technical hiccups over the weekend and subsequent days, impacting the overall experience. We hadn't anticipated the overwhelming turnout and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your patience and persistence mean the world to us.

In response to the weekend's challenges, our team has dedicated itself to enhancing our system's resilience under high traffic. We've significantly increased our use of caching, upgraded our servers, and optimized our databases. Although these improvements might sound technical, they're essentially steps we believe will better accommodate peak traffic periods.

We're thrilled to announce that nearly 80,000 items were discovered during the event! Congratulations to our lucky finders, who have been contacted via email with details on claiming their prizes.

For those who didn't secure a win this time, we're thankful for your participation and look forward to offering more engaging events in the future.

Addressing the feedback from our community, particularly those expressing disappointment or frustration: while it's natural to feel disheartened by not winning, accusations of unfair play and negative comments detract from the community spirit we aim to cultivate. Our event was conducted with fairness in mind, and disparaging remarks or unfounded allegations violate our Community Guidelines and diminish the experience for everyone involved. Given the event's scale, the odds of winning were modest, and we truly wish we could reward each participant. We're eager to explore more accessible prize options and welcome your suggestions—though we admit, distributing stickers presents its challenges due to daily limits.

Despite the technical obstacles, the Easter Egg Hunt was a landmark achievement that has inspired us to create more opportunities for fun and engagement. We value your feedback and invite you to share your ideas for future events.


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