Monopoly GO! provides up to 150 unique game boards for you to roll your dice and win big. Each time you level up you get closer to unlocking the next board and getting free dice, stickers, and more.

In Monopoly GO!, there are around 100-150 boards to complete depending on your account. Each account is assigned a "variant" (see here if you're interested in reading about A/B testing) that controls which content they see. This is often times to help localize content (e.g. giving users in Japan a list of boards that has the Japan board in the beginning)

In the case of Monopoly GO! Boards, there are 7 different variants for the order of the boards. There's no easy way to tell which group you are in other than matching up and comparing the order of the maps of a group to your own.

Click a group below to see the board layout for that specific group.

  1. Group A
  2. Group B
  3. Group C
  4. Group D
  5. Group E
  6. Group F
  7. Group G
  8. Group H