Coming Soon: Anniversary Treasures

Coming Soon: Anniversary Treasures
Anniversary Treasures coming April 16th

As the Fountain Partners event wraps up today, curiosity naturally arises about what's next on the horizon for Monopoly GO!. After a bit of digging, it looks like we're in for a treat with the Anniversary Treasures dig event, slated to begin on April 16th.

While plans can always change, this announcement is a little sneak peek to whet our appetites for what's ahead!

The Anniversary Treasures minigame arrives perfectly timed to commemorate the official anniversary of Monopoly GO! (which happens to be today, April 11th, 2023). Happy Birthday to Monopoly GO!

As we eagerly anticipate this upcoming event, let's dive into a preview of the rewards that await in this new treasure-hunting journey.

Keep in mind, the details might be tweaked before it officially kicks off.

Excitingly, the Wild Sticker is poised for a comeback as part of the grand prize, a feature we missed in the previous digging minigame. This time, it's accompanied by a generous 2,500 dice reward. Let's hope they keep it this way!

Additionally, treasure hunters can look forward to discovering a novel token, the Tiara, and a new shield dubbed Anniversary Elegance, as we navigate through the 20 levels of the event. Let's gear up for a fantastic celebration of Monopoly GO!'s anniversary!

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