Gift Partners: Coming December 15th

Gift Partners: Coming December 15th

Many of our members have been curious about the possibility of a Partner Event during this holiday season. Well, the answer is a resounding YES!

We're thrilled to share exclusive early information about the upcoming Partner Event scheduled for December 15th, 2023. While we await all the intricate details, here are a few key highlights to ignite the anticipation.

And remember, as always: all information for upcoming events is subject to change as they aren't finalized until the day of.

Upon completing all your toys and gifts, the standard Grand Prize of 5,000 dice and a Guaranteed Missing Sticker Pack awaits. However, this time, a new addition to your token shelf is on the horizon—Mr. M Bot will make his debut once you've finished all your gifts!

NEW! Ever found yourself wondering what to do with your leftover event currency once you've completed all your partners' cakes, cars, or gifts? Monopoly GO! is gearing up to unveil an exciting addition to Partner Events: Bonus Gifts.

Once you've successfully crafted all four gifts from your partners, a special solo gift will be unlocked, allowing you to embark on a personal journey. Advancing through this individual gift will unlock multiple tiers, each enhancing your final reward that you can claim when the event concludes.

As you ascend through each tier, your final prize will become increasingly substantial. The ultimate reward, attainable at the final tier (200,000 points), includes 5,000 dice, 2 Guaranteed Missing Sticker packs, a 5 Star Sticker pack, and, of course, a generous amount of cash.

Remember, all information here is subject to change before the start of the event.

Get ready for the next event, arriving on your devices in just a few days!

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