Coming Soon: Sunset Treasures

Coming Soon: Sunset Treasures

Prepare to embark on another adventure with Sofia in the newest Dig Mini-game installment: Sunset Treasures, launching on your devices on March 18th!

For those who might be new here, the Dig Minigame is designed to let you uncover treasures by tapping on squares to reveal all the hidden items in a scene. To dive into this quest, simply tap on the event pill within the app when it's active. Each square reveals at the cost of one in-game currency, typically a pick-axe, which you can accumulate through various activities such as reaching milestone events, tournament achievements, and daily quick wins. The rewards are enticing, offering commodities and special items, with the early levels presenting higher reward percentages that gradually decrease as you progress. Completing all levels earns you a grand prize.

Some of the exciting rewards you'll get as you dig your way through the mini-game!

Explore the 20 exciting levels of Sunset Treasures outlined below, complete with their respective prizes and board dimensions. There's a bounty of rewards up for grabs! Please note, these details are provisional and may be subject to adjustments up until the launch date.

This edition's prizes are especially thrilling, featuring 2,500 dice, the new Egyptian Hippo token, a Saharan Sapphire shield, and an elusive Wild Sticker!

Let us know if you're excited for the new commodities!

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