Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Easter Egg Hunt 2024

This Easter weekend, we're excited to unveil a fresh twist for our community members - an Easter Egg Hunt with fantastic prizes up for grabs! Dive into the festive spirit and embark on a thrilling quest to find Easter-themed objects scattered across our website from now until Sunday, March 31st.

Upon discovering an item, quickly click to claim it before it vanishes! Those who successfully gather all the hidden treasures earn the chance to spin the Easter Egg Hunt Prize Wheel, teeming with delightful rewards and the playful risk of walking away empty-handed. Here's a glimpse of what awaits on the wheel:

  • 1 Star Sticker
  • 3 Star Sticker
  • 4 Star Sticker
  • 5 Star Sticker
  • $5 Gift Card (Apple or Google)
  • $25 Gift Card (Apple or Google)
Get ready to spin the wheel!

Bear in mind, the higher the prize's value, the slimmer your odds of winning it, yet we assure you there's a bounty of prizes for everyone. As we navigate this community event for the first time, your feedback will be invaluable for refining future hunts and introducing new interactive activities.

Please note:

  • Allow 5-7 days for prize delivery, especially with Stickers due to trading limits.
  • Sticker prizes are awarded at random; selection is not possible.
  • Daily item resets occur at 11:59 PM EST. Fail to find all by then, and you start anew the next day.
  • Found all items? Spin the wheel promptly to secure your prize.
  • Look closely within post images to spot the hidden items.

Important reminders:

  • Participation is entirely optional.
  • No purchase is necessary to join in. All members, including Insiders, have equal opportunities.
  • Prizes are awarded based on chance; not all participants will win.
  • Any technical glitches or user errors may result in prize forfeiture.
  • Prizes are non-exchangeable and hold no real-world value.
  • If a prize can't be awarded for any reason, the prize will be forfeited.
  • Any cheating (including manipulation, duplicate accounts, etc.) will result in forfeiture.
  • No purchase is necessary to join in. All members, including Insiders, have equal opportunities.

The hunt begins now - may luck be on your side! Happy Easter Egg Hunting!


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