Reminder: Get Ready for Making Music

Reminder: Get Ready for Making Music

As we bid farewell to Monopoly Origins, it's the perfect moment to introduce more information on the next sticker adventure: Making Music. Take a look at the individual stickers and get familiar before their big debut. We're excited to share an overview of the album sets along with the distinctive rewards on offer.

Remember: As always, upcoming content is subject to change up until the official release.
Making Music Overview

Mark your calendars for March 28th, when Making Music takes the spotlight, right as Monopoly Origins concludes. This musical odyssey is expected to enchant us until June 20th, 2024, featuring 21 standard sets and 5 prestige sets.

Completion Rewards
Disco Mr. M Token

Like every sticker album, completing the album for the first time unlocks various rewards. For this one, you'll unlock the prestigious sets alongside 15,000 dice, cash, and the Disco Mr. M token.

Golden Disco Token

Master the album a second time to earn 20,000 dice, more cash, and the coveted Golden Disco token. For those with the determination to conquer it a third time, a reward of 30,000 dice and additional cash awaits.

Set Completion Rewards

Throughout the album, completing each set by collecting all 9 stickers rewards you with dice and cash. Occasionally, specific sets will offer an extra prize, like a shield or token. Below, we'll delve into these special rewards.

Set #3 (Swingin' Notes): Jazz Singer Lizzie Emote
Set #7 (Boy Band): Vintage Turntable Shield
Set #13 (Karaoke Night): Rockstar Mr. M Token
Rollover Rewards

A frequently asked question concerns the fate of stars at the end of an album: "What happens to our stars at the end of the album?".

Usually, as one album wraps up and another commences, players are awarded the highest vault they can unlock with their accumulated stars. Remaining stars beyond this are not carried over. To make the most of any surplus stars, it's advisable to utilize them before the album closes. As of now, there hasn't been any indication of a change in this procedure for the upcoming album transition, so it's safe to assume the same process will apply.

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