New Monopoly GO! Feature: Wild Stickers

A new feature has recently appeared in Monopoly GO! known as Wild Stickers. This sticker allows you to choose ANY sticker you need from your sets, even to complete an album. From Monopoly GO! news desk:

  • How do I earn a Wild Sticker?
    • Wild Stickers are extremely high-value rewards that players can earn during special events and also from the Vault as their final reward.
  • How do Wild Stickers work?
    • When a player has received a Wild Sticker, they'll be shown a list of all of the Stickers in the current album that they're missing. Players must then select one of those missing Stickers. The player will then receive a copy of that Sticker.
  • Can I pick ANY Sticker with a Wild Sticker? Even a Gold Sticker?
    • You can pick any Sticker that you do not already have in your collection. Yes, even Gold Stickers!
  • Is my Wild Sticker choice final?
    • Yes. Once a player has selected a Sticker and confirmed their choice, they cannot undo their selection. However, there will always be more Wild Stickers out there to earn!
  • Can I pick which sticker I want from my Wild Sticker at a later time?
    • No. A player must use a Wild Sticker the moment they've earned it.
  • Can I use a Wild Sticker to complete my Set or my Album?
    • Yes! That's the beauty of Wild Stickers. If the Sticker you select will complete a Set (or even the entire Album), you'll get the rewards just as if you'd received the Sticker from a pack.
Receiving and redeeming a Wild Sticker
@monopolygo_wiki Wild Stickers on Monopoly GO! (video credit @monopolygo ♬ original sound - Monopoly GO! Wiki

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