Next Golden Blitz: Rare Find & La Traviata

Last week, we offered our Insiders an exclusive preview of the upcoming Golden Blitz event. Interested in exclusive previews and tools like Sticker Finder and Shield Finder? Consider joining our Insider program!

For those unfamiliar, the Golden Blitz event is a unique opportunity within Monopoly GO! During this event, players can trade two designated golden stickers—normally non-tradable—up to five times each day.

Now, we're excited to reveal the details to everyone—whether you missed the initial announcement or haven't caught up with the buzz from the Insider sneak peek. This Golden Blitz will feature Rare Find and La Traviata on April 25th!

Insiders, you can begin using Sticker Finder to send requests to other users and secure the stickers you need for this Golden Blitz using the links above.

Time to start searching for trading partners and get ready for the blitz!

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