Parade Partners: Coming April 26th

Parade Partners: Coming April 26th

Another Partner event is already headed our way on Monopoly GO! This time, it's called Parade Partners.

A quick note before we delve deeper: the specifics of Monopoly GO! events are always in a bit of flux, subject to fine-tuning all the way up to the day of the event. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we navigate these changes together.

For the uninitiated, here's the details on Partner Events. They're open to players who've made it to Board 5 and above, encouraging teamwork to build attractions and snag some cool prizes. During these events, you'll spin a special wheel using Event tokens (like macarons during a Baking Event) to advance a communal progress bar. These tokens are your ticket to active participation and are earned through regular gameplay.

Sticking to tradition, the upcoming Parade Partners event will set the bar at 80,000 points per partner slot. It's the usual setup but with the same great rewards as you climb the ranks.

And for the cherry on top? If you complete all 4 slots, you'll unlock the new Grand Marshal M token! Along with it, you'll score 5,000 dice and a 5-Star Sticker Pack—a grand prize indeed.

Stay tuned, roll those dice, and let's make this event a parade to remember!

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